Christ in the Present

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23 November, 2022




If we would know the power of truth we must emphasize it.

Creedal truth is coal lying inert in the depths of the earth waiting release.

Dig it out, shovel it into the combustion chamber of some huge engine, and the mighty energy that lay asleep for centuries will create light and heat and cause the machinery of a great factory to surge into productive action.

The theory of coal never turned a wheel nor warmed a hearth. Power must be released to be made effective.

In the redemptive work of Christ three major epochs may be noted:

His birth, His death and His subsequent elevation to the right hand of God.

These are the three main pillars that uphold the temple of Christianity; upon them rest all the hopes of mankind, world without end. All else that He did takes its meaning from these three Godlike deeds. It is imperative that we believe all these truths, but the big question is where to lay the emphasis. Which truth should, at a given time, receive the sharpest accent? We are exhorted to look unto Jesus, but where shall we look? Unto Jesus in the manger? on the cross? at the throne? These questions are far from academic. It is of great practical importance to us that we get the right answer.


But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.

— Hebrews 2:9


Christ no longer lives in a manger as a new-born baby nor is He hanging on a cross, dying for our sin. He is risen from the dead! He is exalted at the Father's right hand! It is the living, glorified Christ whom we worship. Let's not forget that.


O Lord, You are very God of very God who tasted death for me and now are crowned with glory and honor.