Do You Know Where You are Going?

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10 June, 2021




Thomas said to him, Lord, we dont know where you are going, so how can we know the way?

John 14:5

It is a simple axiom of the traveler that if he would arrive at the desired destination he must take the right road. How far a man may have traveled is not important; what matters is whether or not he is going the right way, whether the path he is following will bring him out at the right place at last.

Sometimes there will be an end to the road, and maybe sooner than he knows; but when he has gone the last step of the way will he find himself in a tomorrow of light and peace, or will the toward which he journeys be a of trouble and distress, a of wasteness and desolation, a of darkness and gloominess, a of clouds and thick darkness?

The inspired prophet Jeremiah says (and for that matter all the holy prophets who have spoken since the world began say) and our Lord and His apostles say that man does not know the way; indeed he hardly knows where he should go, to say nothing of the way he should take to get there.

The worried Thomas spoke for every man when he asked, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

That is the truth and we had better face it squarely: the way of man is not in himself. However severe the blow to our pride, we would do well to bow our heads and admit our ignorance. For those who know not and know they know not, there may in the mercy of God be hope; for those who think they know there can be only increasing darkness


We think we know the road we are traveling and then in a moment everything comes crashing down around us-sorrow, sickness, disappointment, failure. Our hearts cry out: We dont know the way! Then we sense the quiet voice of Jesus: I am the Way, follow me.


All the way You lead me, Lord. You are the Way. I have only to follow whether in the bright sunshine or the clouds of darkness.