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20 November, 2022




None of us should imagine that he has a perfect view of truth.

The eye that can see all truth at once without distortion is surely not to be found in this world of fallen men; indeed there may be reason to question whether such an eye exists even among the saints above. Whether such perfection will be granted the redeemed in the glorified state is also doubtful, though Paul's words, "Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known," give us reason to believe that at the redemption of the body our knowledge will be vastly increased.

That this cannot mean absolute knowledge, however, is clear. There can be only one Absolute. Infinitude is an attribute God cannot share with His creatures. To "know as we are known" probably means not "as fully as we are known" but rather "know by direct experience."

Someone has advanced the theory that religious denominations result from differences of temperament among those who compose the larger body of Christians; that new believers tend to seek the fellowship of those whose peculiar beliefs and emphases create a climate most agreeable to their own temperament. This is an interesting hypothesis but hardly accounts for all the facts.

A denomination is but "the lengthened shadow of a man," and the man whose shadow it is must have had powerful convictions concerning certain particular truths or he would not have founded the denomination in the first place. Those who are born into the denomination adopt its views without realizing that there are any others. The religious maverick who (as this writer) was converted to Christ out of a nonreligious home without denominational preference or prejudice is likely to attach himself to the first and nearest Christian fellowship that offers itself.


But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

— Second Peter 3:18


The more we grow in Christ the more our understanding of His Word is corrected and increased. We understand only in part. Perception of truth demands not only continued prayerful exercise of the intellect but also full obedience of the heart.


Grow me, Lord, in the grace and knowledge of You.