Knowledge That Bloats

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19 November, 2022




The soul of man, says Matthew Arnold, is a mirror suspended on a cord, turning in every breeze, always reflecting what is before it but never reflecting more than a small part of the whole. The size of the mirror varies from man to man, but no one is able to comprehend the vast panorama that lies before and around us. The mental giant has a larger mirror, to be sure, but even the largest is pathetically small. As long as we know that our view of truth is partial we can preserve that humbleness of mind appropriate to the circumstances; but let us once get the notion that our view is total and we become intellectually intolerant. Let us become convinced that ours is the only sensible view and our ability to learn dies instantly.


Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.

— First Corinthians 8:1


Recall of errors in understanding truth encourage humility, without which we tend to assume intellectual infallibility altogether erroneous. We have all known those afflicted with that disease. Are we ourselves infected?


Lord, I have not mastered Your Word. I am still a struggling student. Help me to remember that fact.