Pythagorus Three Classes of Humanity

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13 June, 2021




For what hope has the godless when he is cut off, when God takes away his life?

Job 27:8

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is said to have divided men into three classes:

1. Seekers after knowledge.

2. Seekers after honor.

3. Seekers after gain.

It would be interesting if not too edifying to look for Pythagoras three classes in modern society.

1. Seekers after knowledge. These are no longer called philosophers, lovers of wisdom, but scholars, professors, scientists, who love knowledge for itself. These are intellectual magpies with a compulsive tic that drives them to collect all the shiny bits of knowledge possible; fortunately for them there are enough others with the same tic to provide them with a means of making some kind of a living here below

. 2. Seekers after honor. These are the politicians. They have an incurable itch to be known in the gates, and as a means toward this end they manage to work up a convincing if phony patriotic fever every four or six years that brings them votes and enables them to ride in the front car in the Memorial parade. Their reward is in being applauded by the masses they secretly despise, and verily they have their reward.

3. Seekers after gain. These are at the top honest businessmen who become wealthy within the law, and at the bottom racketeers who gain their wealth outside the law.

Morally these latter differ not at all from the ordinary bandit, but they differ socially because they are smarter, have read a book and know a better lawyer.


Knowledge, recognition and wealth-common people goals. Yet, even if achieved, the eternal tomorrow has been neglected and life wasted.


May my seeking be concentrated upon You, O God, to know You.