"Scroogeless" Christmas

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15 October, 2022




In these latter-years of the 20th century, no other season of the year reveals so much religion and so little godliness as the Christmas season.

Now, Dickens to the contrary notwithstanding, I do not believe that we are compelled to choose between old Scrooge and Tiny Tim. Surely there is a middle ground where mature, love-inspired, Spirit-illuminated adults can locate themselves and make up their own minds about that most beautiful but most abused and abased holiday we call Christmas.

I for one want to do just that and love everybody in the process. I never knew an Ebenezer Scrooge.

My own childhood was brightened by the annual return of Christmas. My sweet-faced mother struggled to provide a few extras for her family on Christmas morning and somehow she always succeeded. If there was no more than an orange, a popcorn ball and a cheap toy for each of us, it was yet a memorable time for all. Even the old yellow mongrel that lay on the homemade braided rug was on that happy morning treated to a handful of hard candy which he crunched loudly and solemnly to the squealing of delight of the younger children.

The children that later came to my own home could, and I am sure would, testify to the almost unbearable delight Christmas morning brought to them. Their near delirium as they tumbled out of bed and gathered around the tree to unwrap their gifts amid shouts of surprise and delight will never be forgotten by them or by their parents while life and memory endure. No, whoever else might drop in during the day,

Scrooge was never there; he’d have died of apoplexy if he had come near the place.


Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

— Luke 2:11


For most of us Christmas memories of the past are joyous and somewhat nostalgic. No Scrooge characters intruded. But for some, Christmas seasons were not so joyous. It's recognition of the person of Christ that makes Christmas.


You, O Lord, are the Christ of Christmas!