Ida Knight Library

Ida Knight served her Lord faithfully in this parish for many years. She was a keen bible student and avid reader of Christian literature. Ida encouraged and inspired others by sharing her knowledge through her love of Christ. Her collection of books was donated by her husband, Adrian, and forms the nucleus of the Ida Knight Memorial Library, established 1996

The library video and DVD collection is dedicated to the memory of Phoebe Langmore.

We acknowledge the contribution by the late Margaret Stiller from her book; “Help, Lord! No One’s borrowing any books”; Creative Church Librarianship. Church Library Association Publisher (1994)

Statement of purpose:

The purpose of the Ida Knight Memorial Library at the Naracoorte Uniting Church is to have a collection of Christian resources that provide teaching for members of the congregation to develop a deeper understanding of our Heavenly Father and His plan for each of our lives.

The Library (located in the s/w corner of the Blackwell/supper hall) provides resource material including books, magazines, DVD’s video & audiotapes for:

New and mature Christians

Church leaders



People in crisis


Members of the wider community

How to use the Library: (revised 2009)

There are BOOKS, DVD’S, VIDEOS, TAPES and MAGAZINES available for borrowing.

You can make your choice by perusing the shelves or by studying the Alphabetical SUBJECT FILE.

The shelves have been grouped into:

Non fiction books (youth / adult.)

Fiction books (youth / adult.)

Picture books / easy novels.

Videos / DVD’s.

Tapes stored in the cupboard.

Non -fiction books have been catalogued according to the topic. e.g. a book on the Holy Spirit = H1 or a book on Health / Healing = H2

The first three letters of the author’s surname appear under the topic on the spine label of the book and arranged alphabetically.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE BOOKS, VIDEOS OR DVD’S from the library without first RECORDING YOUR CHOICE in the book provided for this purpose, located on the desk inside the door.

Borrowing Time:

VIDEOS / DVD’S…………..……………1 WEEK


Number of items to be borrowed at any one time:

Family - Four (4) books and Two (2) videos/DVDs

Individual - Two (2) books and One (1) video/DVD

“Study to show yourself approved by God, a worker who needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”

2 Timothy 2:15